EurekaPro: Southeast Asian Fiat-Crypto Exchange Launches in Singapore

EurekaPro: Southeast Asian Fiat-Crypto Exchange Launches in Singapore

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Singapore-based fiat-crypto exchange EurekaPro, led by a team consisting of Junus Eu and Douglas Gan, today announced its entry into the Southeast Asian blockchain market. EurekaPro offers the widest Asian fiat-to-cryptocurrency support, allowing holders of the Singapore dollar, Malaysian ringgit, Indonesian rupiah, and other Asian fiat currencies to seamlessly transact on the EurekaPro exchange. EurekaPro starts initial beta testing this month, which will be closed and by invitation only. Within the first week of its launch, EurekaPro saw over 2,000 users.

The EurekaPro exchange offers both security and convenience, with two-factor authentication (2FA) and secure wallets as well as 24/7 operability and real-time transactions. In conjunction with its exchange, EurekaPro offers the EurekaPro token (EKT), an ERC-20 compliant token. EKT will provide maximum utility and convenience to the consumer through its compatibility with third-party services, wallets, and other exchanges, giving consumers ease of use and other beneficial functionalities.

With a combined population of 655 million and a rapidly growing middle class, Southeast Asia presents endless opportunities for the blockchain space, and is home to a burgeoning blockchain community. EurekaPro aims to bridge the gap between an increasingly tech-savvy population and the blockchain space by enabling unprecedented ease of transaction between fiat and crypto.

“Our platform represents a unique proposition for the blockchain space in Southeast Asia, by removing or reducing entry barriers to the crypto market that may otherwise prevent consumers from adopting blockchain technology. Blockchain holds untold potential for a diverse range of applications, and at EurekaPro, we aim to empower consumers with two things: the knowledge to harness the potential of blockchain through our online education platform; and the means to break into the crypto market by making fiat-to-crypto transactions easier than ever before,” said EurekaPro co-founder and CEO Junus Eu.

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