The Ultimate EurekaPro Glossary: Crypto Lingo Starting with A

The Ultimate EurekaPro Glossary: Crypto Lingo Starting with A

Address – A secure identifier marked by a unique string of characters that enables payments to an individual or entity via blockchain transactions. It usually requires a private key to exclusively access the funds. For example, Bitcoin addresses are alphanumeric strings that begin with a 1 or 3; Ethereum addresses begin with ‘0x’.

– A cryptocurrency that is an alternative to bitcoin. Many altcoins (such as Dash, Ethereum etc) project themselves as better alternatives to bitcoin in various ways (e.g. more efficient, less expensive, etc.).

Airdrop -This is a marketing campaign that refers to the expedited distribution of a cryptocurrency through a population of people. It usually occurs when the creator of a cryptocurrency provides their coin to low-ranked traders or existing community members in order to build their use and popularity. They are usually given away for free, or in exchange for simple tasks like sharing news of the coin with friends. Find out more here.

Algorithm – Mathematic instructions coded into and implemented by computer software in order to produce a desired outcome.

All Time High (ATH) – The highest price ever achieved by a cryptocurrency.

All Time Low (ATL) – The lowest price ever achieved by a cryptocurrency.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) –  A set of procedures, laws and regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions.

Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) – Essentially a little computer build specifically for a limited set of processes, which in this case, is mining cryptocurrency.

Atomic Swap – A way of letting people directly and cost-effectively exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another, at current rates, without needing to buy or sell.

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